How I have increased my happiness and how you can do the same

I have increased my happiness through a very simple process. This process helps me relax and create change in my life. Over time I hope to increase my happiness even more, exponentially more and never revert back to old level of depression and unhappiness.  Continue reading How I have increased my happiness and how you can do the same


The only logical pursuit is happiness

If you look around, everyone is searching for something. Everyone wants more and is not content with the lives they are living. Nearly everyone is unhappy with the majority of their life. They might find happiness briefly, but in the long term they/we are always in the pursuit of happiness.

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Stop looking forward to things and start being happy

Do you often find yourself thinking about how life could be in the future? Do you lose track of the present moment in thought of a utopia future? Always looking forward to something in life takes us away from the present moment and causes us to lose focus and live in the future. If you haven’t read any of my previous posts, these effects don’t help you in any way.  Continue reading Stop looking forward to things and start being happy

Begin with the end in mind

Do you live with the end(death) in mind, or do you live as if life lasts forever? Believe it or not, life doesn’t last forever, but for some reason many of us seem to live life as if it does. Lucky for you there is a solution, as there is to every other problem. We can change our habits, and the outlook we have on day to day living to accomplish more and live with a happier attitude.

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Thoughts about society/life in general.

Our world is full of hatred, anger and impatience. Our society might be moving in the wrong direction. We need to rethink our lives and look at the bigger picture. We are all the same species, so our ultimate goal in life is to (well reproduce, but) work together and progress as a species. Right now it seems like everything is a competition and we are working against many other subdivisions of our same species.(such as different religions)

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Simple guide to Meditation

The act of meditating is simply sitting down and being aware of the present moment. It is not getting caught up in the stories of our lives and simply sitting back and watching our thoughts as they pass by. Meditating quiets the mind, but not in the way that you would think. Meditation doesn’t involve sitting and thinking about nothing, but merely watching everything LIVE as it happens.

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