Programming, and why you should learn to do it.

Programming is a part of our everyday lives whether we know it or not. It is used to make animated movies or special effects in movies. It is also used to make websites. , ,, and pretty much any other website you can think of were all created with programming. Another practical use for programming is for apps. All apps are made with programming. The possibilities with programming are endless.

Recently I have been learning to program and it has been a journey in which I will never forget. I have made many websites one of which is on the internet right now. You are probably thinking that if you have made many websites wouldn’t they all be on the internet. Well one thing that I learned as soon as I started coding websites is that when you code a website you save it to your computer. Then after you open the code it opens in your browser but it is not on the internet until you put your code on a hosting website. Pretty interesting right, well maybe not.

One thing that I remember most about programming is when I put my first website on the internet. It was thrilling to type in the url and see what I had created for everyone to see. The website is about one of my hobbies, photography. When I was done with my website I wanted to figure out how to put it on the internet for free. It took me awhile to find a webhost that was free and also reliable. Since almost all of the good webhosts cost, but with the help of a friend I found a host and it seems to be working well. Though I also learned that a free webhost also comes with a price. Not being able to pick your web address. With the url being my username and the name of a company, I don’t think that many people will find my website randomly. But the people that I tell the website to will see it. The url to my website is

The programming languages that I have been learning lately are html/css,  and java. I am looking forward to making an andriod app through java, and maybe eventually an iphone app through objective c.


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