You don’t need the newest gadget to be good at something!

This can apply to anything. You don’t need the newest gadget or whatever it is that you are fascinated with. This is most important with sports and hobbies. Say baseball for example, you don’t need the newest bat to hit it further. How about photography. You don’t need the best of the best camera to take good pictures. There are many good photographers that used point and shoot cameras for a long time. Including me. I still use a point and shoot camera and I think that I have taken some pretty cool photos. If you want to check them out just go to my website at

This thought process can make you better at what you do. Instead of having the thought process of “If I get this new thing then I will use it more and I will become better at what I do.” have the thought process of”I can use what I have to get better”. I am not saying that you will not be good. You will probably be good if it is something that you are interested in, but the people that end up being great are the people that make the situation happen. They don’t just sit there wanting things to happen, they go out and make them happen. I know that a year ago, or even less than a year ago, I had that kind of thought process. Now that I am reading more about minimalism etc. I am learning that you don’t need everything that you think you might want, and that you think will make your life better when you get it.

Over the last year or so I have been trying to change my thought process from wanting things and stuff to going out and making things happen. I found that when I go out and make things happen I feel happier. Like I have a purpose in life. Like I am fulfilling my purpose and doing what I have always wanted to do. Like I am checking off my bucket list to a certain extent. Like living what I have been dreaming as my perfect life.

So next time that you want something just think if you can grow with the stuff that you have. You need to create the scenario that you have been dreaming of. Because if you keep dreaming about things then they will never happen. They will only happen if you go out and do it. “Just do it”(Nike).


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