Who cares what other people think.

Does it really matter what other people think of you? Can you please everyone the you see in one day? NO. There is no way possible that you will please every single person that you see in one day. That being said does it really matter what other people think of us or are we constantly trying to please everyone.

If you look at life from a different perspective than you might as well just please yourself. If you are doing something that you are interested in than it doesn’t really matter what other people think of you. The people that really know who you are deep down will know why you do what you do and they will appreciate it. You don’t need to please all the people that you don’t really get to know.

Who really cares what they think. Strive for happiness within yourself not external happiness. This principal can relate to many things. Especially minimalism, and what this blog post is about. You need to just start being happy. Don’t let the thought of other people bring you down. Don’t let the feeling that you are doing something that other people might think is weird hold you back. If you have a good reason to be doing something than you should fulfill that need deep inside you and forget all else.

Minimalism is not just about decluttering and getting rid of all the excess stuff. It is also about finding happiness within yourself. That is the ultimate goal of many people. Minimalism just tells people that you do not get happiness from all the new products that commercials try to sell you. You know one of the things that I hate most. Commercials. I bet you can’t stand them either. Commercials and advertisements are a waste of my time. They are just trying to tell you that you will be happy if you buy the product being advertised. If you really want to be happy then you should just quit watching t.v. and find something productive to do. Advertisements try to display the american dream. I think that the only american dream there is would be the dream of happiness, and a new product will never get you there.

If other people think that you are different “So what!”. They are just showing their insecurities. I like to be different. It means that I am not always following the crowd. I don’t have to follow the crowd to be happy. If people want to think I am weird then go ahead tell me your insecurities while I will just start being happy.

I feel that minimalism is an amazing movement. I would encourage anyone to just search minimalism on the internet and start reading away. There are thousands of articles to read. Each one with it’s own personal touch. Minimalism is not owning 50 items or having a small house. Minimalism can be whatever you want it to be. As long as you are happy and you only surround yourself with the things that matter to you most.


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