Living intentionally

Living intentionally will give you much more time in a day. If you are not spending time on a bunch of distractions than you can focus on what you really want to focus on and be more content with your life. Living intentionally can mean many things probably an infinite number of different things.

I want you to think about where all the time in your average day goes. Now I know that most of it is linked to work. Which some extreme minimalists have made more intentional , which you can do, but for now lets think about all the time when you aren’t working. One of the biggest time wasters is the TELEVISION. If I had to take a guess I would say it is the number one time waster in America. I have observed it by many people in my family and I have also wasted much time looking at the glowing box. In fact I just finished watching a show on Netflix and it made me realize how much time I wasted. If you multiple the number of episodes by the number of minutes in an episode, than divide that number by 60 you will get the number of hours you could have been doing something more intentional in your life. Now I am not saying the watching shows is bad. Well not if you watch them on a certain schedule. Say every Wednesday at 7:00. That is definitely OK. But binge watching an entire season in one day is a total waste of time, because do you know what you will do in a couple of days. You will start the first episode of a new show, and it will hook you, then once again you will find yourself binge watching another season. That is why Netflix is not always great. Yes it will save you money if you cut cable and go to Netflix like many people have done, but you might find yourself watching more T.V than before. The is one example of not living an intentional lifestyle.

People can live intentional lives in many different ways, big or small. A large way that I see unintentional living at hand is in the suburbs of a city. People have big houses which they don’t really need. They have large lawns that don’t get used. They buy expensive cars that they don’t need blah blah blah.

To live a more intentional life you can cut back on distractions, watch less TV, stop using social media, meditate etc. It will change your life for the better.


2 thoughts on “Living intentionally”

  1. Sometimes very hard to do, but less TV gives you SO much more time for everything else. I don’t know if it’s the same in the US, but in the UK the TV gets very dull in the summer, with loads of repeats etc, as people all get away on their vacations. It’s a great time to begin to wean yourself away from ‘the box’.

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    1. Yeah, the summer is the best time to start watching less tv. One thing that I found helps is to cancel Cable and get Netflix. So you can watch shows intentionally and eventually get rid of Netflix.

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