Why most people aren’t getting any better at golf.

The reason that most people aren’t getting better is that they don’t know what they are doing wrong in the first place. They just go to the range and hit a large bucket of balls. They are in their comfort zone when they practice. Everyone just ingrains bad habits. They stay in their comfort zone just mindlessly hitting balls or putts. To get better you have to feel uncomfortable. You will most likely have to change the way you swing. It will feel different. You might get a little worst than you were at first because you are not used to swinging that way, but once you start to ingrain good habits your skill level will go up tremendously.

Now I have a little bit of experience in changing habits. I started out playing left handed even though I have a right handed at everything all my life. So recently I decided to switch from playing left handed to right handed. At first I got a lot worst. I was shooting over 110 on an average round. But I stuck to it and I slowly got better and better. In the winter I bought a net and put it in my basement. I worked in my swing for a countless amount of hours. When I actually counted them. By the end of the winter I had clocked up about 250 hours. I went from a 25 handicap in the previous summer to a 15 handicap in no time. I was shooting low 9o’s even high 80’s. I was happy with the way I was shooting. But then I kind of hit a plateau at about 12 handicap. I had some flaws in my swing the my instructor told me about in the winter but I never really incorporated them into my swing. I just stayed in my comfort zone. Recently I have started to change my swing for the better. I am starting to have much better mechanics and I am slowly starting to see the results. I have recently got my handicap under 10 because I have posted so low rounds, along with some high ones. Whenever I post a high round I just remember the many rounds that I have shot in the 70’s. I remember that I have potential I just have to stick to it. I have created a plan and I know exactly what I need to accomplish in my swing. I know I will get better than I am now.

You can also get better than you ever though possible. You just need to make a plan. It would help to go to an instructor to figure out your swing flaws. Then find many drills to help fix your swing and video your swing to make sure you do it right. Than finally stick to your plan. You must get our of your comfort zone and make changes.

2 books that I found very helpful are “your short game solution”, and “your putting solution” by James Sieckmann. He shows you how to make a plan and how to practice. He also shows you the right technique and what to look for in your swing. It has helped my short game tremendously, and I think it can help yours too. James Sieckmann is teaching many professional golfers so he is a very reliable source of information.


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