How make a swing change in Golf

1.Understanding the problem.

If you want to create a swing change in golf then you have to first video your swing and analyze it in slow motion to see what you are doing wrong. Then once you do that you need to look on the internet for drills that would help you fix the problem.

It would also help to go to an instructor for help. So you are probably thinking I already knew this. Yes you probably know this but have you already done this. For most people they just think oh I have a slice so I must be coming over the top, but there might be a reason that you are coming over the top in your swing. It could be that you are early extending. This makes it almost impossible to keep the club on plane. First you have to keep your hips back to allow for the club to get on the right plane. So, what you think you are doing wrong might be caused by something that you didn’t think of.

2.Developing a plan

Once you get past the first step you need to go on the internet and look for drills that will help with your problem. You could go to YouTube and type in,  for example “Early extension golf”, and you will get a ton of videos to help. Get out a notepad and start jotting down all the drill and how to do them. Write down the correct feelings and how to plan to go about fixing the problem the next time you are on the range. The more you plan it out and write it down on paper, the more you will follow the plan.

3.Take action

The final step that most people don’t get to is to follow your plan. Go out to the range and feel the correct fgrapheeling of the right golf swing. Do all the drills, and most importantly stick with it. You might get a little worst at first, but you will get much better than you ever were in the long run. You have to trust that you will get better over time even if you don’t see the results this instant. It will feel unnatural at first but it will get easier over time, and the more you practice the technique the more natural it will feel.

Most people practice, but few people actually practice with a well thought out plan. If you make a plan and stick to it you will be practicing smarter than 90% of golfers.



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