How do you define a minimalist.

There are many false definitions of a minimalist. A minimalist is not something with only 100 things. A minimalist doesn’t always live in a small house. They don’t not buy anything they want. They don’t have to be single. They don’t have to not have kids. I minimalist is a broad definition of a person that own only the essentials in their life.

A minimalist is just someone that owns only things that bring them happiness. They get rid of all the clutter and distractions to get down to the base. They have intention with everything they own. Most minimalist will eventually get rid of most sentimental items. All the items that you don’t get rid of because you might you it SOMEDAY. You don’t use most of your someday items.

Most minimalists are very productive in their lives because they only use the items that allow them to be productive not the items that distract them from being productive.


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