Living in day tight compartments/Living in the moment

Something that I read from a book called “How to stop worrying and start living”, was that to worry less we need to live in day tight compartments. We need to be focused on the moment, and not think too much in the past or future. The more we think about what will happen in the future the more we worry about what might go wrong. We need to live with conviction and be engrossed in the present moment.

For example, people will appreciate and like you more if you focus on what they are saying and truly listen to what they are saying. If you ask questions about other people they might want to talk to you more and it will make the conversation more enlightening.

If you are only thinking about what your are going to do tomorrow and not what is going on now you might miss it. Life might pass you by. You should live every second like it’s your last.

“Live life to its fullest”


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