How to handle failure(especially in sports)

Some people see failure in the wrong way. First of all, everyone fails at something in their life. No one does everything perfect and succeeds at everything. So no matter what you will encounter failure, even if you don’t try anything new. But how should you handle this failure.

The wrong way to handle failure, and the way most people handle failure is to tell yourself that you suck and you will never get any better, and want to just quit. NO, you should treat it as a learning opportunity. Even though it is so easy to get mad at yourself when you fail, if you don’t want to fail again than you can learn from your mistakes and get better from every failure.

In golf, one thing that the pros do that the majority of players don’t do is get better from every shot. If they hit a bad shot, they figure out what they did wrong and correct the mistake in their mind. They learn from their failure and move on. Moving on is key to performing in a sport at the current moment. If stress about something you didn’t wrong than you are hindering your performance at the current moment.

Learning from failure will just make you better at whatever you are doing. It will stop you from going insane. If you don’t know what I mean think about this. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over expecting a different result. If you don’t learn from your failures, you just might do something over and over, and never get a different result and start going insane.

Learning is Improving


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