The true meaning of Golf

Many times when we are out on the course we get mad at ourselves and angry that we can’t hit the shots we would like. We get so caught up in technique and having the perfect golf swing that we forget why we are playing the game in the first place. Golf is about much more than a score.

The true meaning of golf is to have fun and enjoy the time we have on the course. You should be grateful that you have the opportunity to play this great game they call golf. I believe that getting caught up in the technique ruins the fun of the game. It is way more fun when you just react to the shot and hit it, not worrying about where your right arm is, or if your foot is on the ground in the downswing, or what angle your spine is at, because than we lose perception of where the target is and if we hit a good shot but it is right of the green than we get mad. Even though it was a good shot we still get mad because we want the ball to magically go to the target every time.

We need to be more focused in the moment and having fun with everyone around us. One of the worst people to play golf with is the one with expectations set too high so they always get mad when they don’t play good. Many of us set our goals too high when we should just focus on the moment and the process and not on the score. The score will take care of itself if we don’t worry about the outcome and just play the game for the reason that we came out to.For FUN and ENJOYMENT. 🙂


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