The phone experiment

In my the last 1-2 years, I have lived without a smartphone. I had a trac-phone for most of the time. The reason I didn’t want a phone was because I thought that I would get too distracted on it and waste too much time on it. So I was always looking around at everyone buried into their phone while people were trying to talk to them. This made me realize many things.
People don’t realize how much they are on their phones. People can never enjoy the peace and quiet anymore. They have to be occupied in every second of their life. If they have noticed that when people are bored or the have nothing to do, they will immediately go to their phones looking for the next rush of dopamine.

The phone epidemic has gotten out of hand. In some cases people will be trying to start a conversation with someone they know just to see them buried in their phone and completely tuning them out. People are communicating via text messaging and less and less by face to face interaction. This is becoming a problem.

Recently I got a smartphone, for the first few months I was using it the way I planned. Using it only for productive things not just to use up my time. But lately I have noticed myself being engulfed by the phone epidemic. I have been using my extra time one it and not getting as many things done. So I am writing this post to get myself back on track and hopefully help you to realize first hand what I have realized.

While I was writing this article I just deleted all my games on my phone. I am going to start using my phone more wisely again and I hope you will too.


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