Defying the normal

Have you ever done something just because everyone else was doing it? Have you been a follower once and not a leader? I know I have, but sometimes we need to think on our own. Sometimes we need to think for ourselves and live intentionally with our own dreams not somebody else’s. You don’t have to follow the american dream. You can follow your own dreams. You don’t have to buy a big house, and a big car, and always buy the newest phone or gadget. You can do what makes you happy.

Believe it or not but most people that follow the american dream don’t find happiness in their day to day lives. Isn’t everyone’s goal in life to be happy. Than why isn’t everyone happy. We are granted the pursuit of happiness, key word pursuit. You still have to be happy.

Following the crowd isn’t always the best option. I have been looking into tiny houses lately and whenever I find someone who has been living in one for quite some time they always feel content and happy with the way they are living. Do you notice that about everyone with the gigantic houses. Probably not. Sometimes it might make us happy to defy the norm. To be a leader and not a follower. To try something new that everyone else hasn’t already tried. To work towards your goals, not somebody else’s.



2 thoughts on “Defying the normal”

  1. Nice post and so very true. The standard script that we’ve been given does not fit for everyone. Unfortunately for many, myself included, it only occurs to them later that there are other options and paths to fulfillment.


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