Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity because it will never come

In life we always wait for the perfect opportunity to do a task, but believe it or not, it never comes. You have to create the opportunity. This can correlate to many different things. It can correlate to life, sports, hobbies etc.

If you know this and you take action on it you will improve. For example, as you probably know I like to golf. So I thought that I didn’t have the perfect opportunity because I don’t live on a golf course or have the opportunity to go the driving range everyday. Therefore instead of waiting for the next time to play golf I went out to a field by my house and hit at a tree. I created the setting to practice my game.

This can correlate to almost any sport you can think of. Say you are not on the sports playing field or practicing, you can still somehow find a way to practice indoor even if you are just practicing technique.

Say you want to learn how to program but you don’t have a computer. Find a way to make money so that you can buy one and learn how to program. I read a book about a year or 2 ago about how to invest as a teenager. It stated many different ways to try and make money so that you can invest it.  Money doesn’t just fall from the sky, you have to go and earn it.

It can also relate to happiness. People say they aren’t happy because they aren’t in the ideal setting to be happy. Most of us don’t realize it, but we can be happy anywhere at any given moment. I am in high school and I am sometimes not happy with my life. I start thinking about traveling the world and living in a tiny house, this makes me think that I will be happy when I graduate and I am on my own, but I just need to realize that I should be happy with my situation right now and the time will come later when I can travel the world.

I hope that I have given you information that you can use to improve your life. If you like this article or any others on my website feel free to follow this blog and read on.

Please comment if you have any questions or concerns, I would love to answer them.


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