Interpreting the 10,000 hour rule.

Many researcher have found out the most athletes, musicians, performers etc. reach the top 1% in their field after around 10,000 hour of practice. How did they come up with this number, I don’t know but it seems ridiculous. Here is why.

First of all, the majority of people don’t know how to practice the correct way so that they get the most improvement out of the littlest amount of time. If you had a specific practice plan and you put in quality over quantity I believe someone could easily reach the top 1% of their field in 5,000 hours or less.

This last summer I have been creating a practice plan and trying to practice deliberately and with a purpose but I found out that I could still get much more out of my practice time. I have been working for many hours to figure out the ideal way to practice and I know that I am still not even close to getting the most out of my practice. I know that I am still focusing too much on technique practice instead of target practice in golf.

If someone could figure out the ideal mental and physical practice routine they could easily get better, faster than anyone they know. If you just make a plan you will be ahead of the majority of athletes.

I am creating a new challenge. It is to see how much I can improve in the littlest amount of time. I might create an e-book or a couple of articles on the ideal way to practice to get the best results and I think it will help most athletes more than they would ever think.

Practicing correctly in the physical and mental aspect is the one secret that will improve anyone at any sport. There is no one technique that will help you or one drill, it is just the ability to practice correctly and efficiently so that you can succeed in just a matter of time.


3 thoughts on “Interpreting the 10,000 hour rule.”

  1. I agree about the golf practice ( I play golf, too). Technique is good for consistency, but y, too, have found that target practice improves my score better than technique alone. –Hit ’em long. 🙂 – Mira


  2. Ethan – I think you misunderstand the concept. The 10000 hours is based on a famous book by fellow Canadian and university of toronto – Trinity College alum. He states that it is deliberate practice and not random practice and random hours cobbled together. Now there are other studies that alter the actual value of practice and they show value in some fields but not in all fields of endeavour. I simply know that in order to get better I have o practice.


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