Short vs. Long blog posts

I was recently reading a post on wordpress about self improvement. It had great information in it but it took so long to read and there was so much unnecessary information that I just stopped reading the post.

This made me think, is it more valuable to write a long blog post to impress people or a short valuable one to get right down to the facts and give people a short read.

I think that if you write a post of less than 300 words and then edit it, and take out all of the unnecessary information, than you will have a valuable post for many readers.

Not many people want to read a post for more than 5-10 minutes so if you have a post that is valuable to them and it is short, they will probably come back to your website for more. More long term viewers = more views and more motivation to write. 🙂


One thought on “Short vs. Long blog posts”

  1. Were you reading one of my posts? Lol!!! I write long posts in one section of my blog. Life in a Pieces and I wrote shorter posts in the other section. When I write, I want my reader to not only connect to my topic but also to feel a connection to me. Although I do agree that sometimes shorter is better, I believe there are variables to consider that will help guide the length of a post.

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