Time management process.

The common phrase/excuse that I hear is “I don’t have enough time!”. Everyone always seems to be on a tight schedule.  Your doing this, than that. But where is all the extra time going. Why do we sometimes seem to have no life because of everything we do after our work/school.

There is one word that will help you to realize where all the extra time is going and how to regain it. I am not saying that it is easy to regain all the extra time. You might have to work hard to stop habits, but it will make you realize where all the time is going.

Distractions are the things that suck all the time out of our lives. Distractions are the little things that stray you from the bigger task.

Here is a model that will show you what I mean. You have to complete the big task first than you can focus on the little tasks later. The big rocks represent the big tasks while the small rocks represent the small tasks. If you look at the jar on the left, than you will see that the small rocks were poured in first, which left no room for the big rocks. On the other hand if you insert the big rocks first than everything seems to fit snug in the jar. This show that If you complete the small tasks first, than you will have no time for the larger and more meaningful things. Whereas, if you complete the more important things in your life/ day than you will leave more time for everything else throughout your day.

I would believe that the 2 worst distractions are the T.V and the cell phone. Everyone is constantly on their cell phone, and if you just silenced your cell phone when you need to get things done than you will have time to check your email, twitter, or whatever you want once you are done with the large task. But, if you check you phone frequently than you won’t realize how much time you are wasting and your large task might just take you twice as long as it should have.

Another point about the cell phone is this. Most people don’t feel like they can wake up in the morning, but maybe this inability is caused by something that we can change very easily. Don’t play your phone while in bed, because it just keeps you up longer and makes you have a harder time waking up.

Secondly, the T.V, people see the T.V as a way to unwind after they get home from work, school, etc. But most people don’t realize how much time they spend on their T.V. There are alternatives to the T.V. Instead of sitting on the couch for an hour, you could meditate for 15 minutes and get the same recharge feeling with more time to do the things that you have always wanted to do.

Eliminating some of the distractions in our lives will give us a tremendous amount of time that we never thought possible. It will allow us to achieve goals that we thought there was not enough time for. We will be more productive than ever before.


4 thoughts on “Time management process.”

  1. Nice post… i am also following to manage my time..
    I use my cell phone only at my own given time and use the internet and checking Whatsapp and mails at a fixed particular time…. it save my time and gives me chance to think what is my bigger task is… so first i solve it and make it easier as i could…

    I like the example you gives here for two jar and big and small sand… i really like it and in future i will explain to someone els by your given example…

    Nice info. Thanks
    Sarver ☺


  2. Another one out of the park! Time management is everything. Its amazing how much time you actually have left over in the day when you’re productive at the very beginning. This reminds me of a book I have called “On the shortness of time” by Seneca. I enjoyed this read, it was simple and to the point.

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