Sometimes we just need a new perspective.

Every once in a while, we get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget what life is all about. We get worried and stressed out, but we don’t look at the bigger picture. Life is about being happy, and enjoying it with others. Life isn’t meant to be full of depression, anger, hatred etc. Surrounding yourself with happy and enlightening people is crucial for living a happy life. But remember, you get what you give. So enlighten other people in the same way they do to you.

A new perspective can help all of us at one time or another. Here are a few perspectives to think about.

Another person: You’ve heard the phrase before “Put yourself in someone else’s shoes”, but most people don’t actually think about this phrase. Just ask yourself, why is someone else doing what they are doing, saying what they are, or acting a certain way. If you think about their motives than you might understand and appreciate them a little more.

Time on earth: Thinking about death is depressing and inevitable, but it can make you realize many things. One, that you should get off your butt, and start doing things, and two, all the things you haven’t done that you may regret if you don’t. Your life is now, so you need to go out and live it.

Bigger picture(Think like an astrophysicist): If you think about it,we are all tiny beings walking around on a lonesome planet in the middle of the cosmos. It can really make you think about your purpose in life. This thought is what makes me want to become an Astrophysicist. They discover the inner workings of the cosmos, and if we aren’t alone on this planet. It also makes you think about the bigger picture. That all of our problems seem tiny compared to the cosmos.

“All of your problems seem small when you look at the bigger picture.”

A less fortunate person: This one relates back to the point of putting yourself in another person’s shoes, but when people think of that quote they think about a friend or an enemy. They rarely think about someone in another country. Your parents probably told you a million times when you were a child “Children in Africa are starving, so eat your dinner”. Yet again people don’t really think about it too far out of its literal meaning of food. You can think about the problems you are facing compared to the problems they are facing and appreciate what you have and what is in front of you at this given moment. Just think about how lucky you are to be born into your circumstances. If you are reading this post than you are lucky because you have access to a computer.

Gaining a new perspective can help every aspect of your life, and I hope I gave you some ideas on some different perspectives that can help you to better appreciate your life and your circumstances.


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