What is Success?

How do you define success? Are some people more successful than other? Sometimes our perception of success is wrong. We don’t really know what true success is. We might think of it as living the american dream or making a lot of money at work, but their is a way to find real success.

What is more important to me than anything else?

Are you going down the right path or are you just trying to succeed in something that is not even important to you. You may have just realized that you are traveling in the wrong direction. Success was never about money or how big your house is. Our society has created this mis-perception that you are successful if you have a big house and you make a lot of money. Real success is happiness.

Example answer: Happiness, Golf, Positivity with the people around me.

Success without happiness is failure?

We need to ask ourselves what our version of success is, not our societies version of success. Happiness is key. If that means spending more time with friends or improving at something that is important to you than that is what you need to do. Many adults don’t like their jobs, they work somewhere that is not bringing them happiness.

I have found that sometimes I am not happy because I am not positive with the people around me. I am not always successful in that area of my life and what is important to me. This is an area of my life that I need to improve because I know that it will bring me happiness if I do.

Success can only be found in areas of your life that bring you happiness. Real success can’t be found in a job you don’t like.(If you like your job than you can definitely be successful and happy) or in buying stuff that you don’t need.

Improving constantly.

You will be successful if you are constantly improving the areas of your life that are important to you. If you aren’t growing your dying. Growing yourself is where you will find happiness and it is success.

So go out and find happiness through your success, not somebody else’s version of success.


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