Don’t wait until Friday to be happy.

Everyone is always sad and gloomy when it is Monday, and happy on Fridays, why should this be the case? Should we just waste 4 or 5 days of every week, just waiting for the weekend. We need to enjoy Mondays just as much as we enjoy Fridays.

What is wrong with only enjoying Friday and Saturday and not any other day of the week. The problem is that we are trying to find conditional happiness. In other words we tell ourselves that we can only be happy if something else is true, such as it is Friday or you make a certain amount of money. The problem with this is that it guarantees that you will be miserable in your life, because makes you miserable until you achieve your goal.

The conclusion, we need to strive for unconditional happiness. We need to be happy whether or not we do something good. If we can’t pull ourselves to the gym for that week, than we still need to be happy. It seems counterintuitive but it is the only way that we will find true happiness. Be happy on Monday and every other day of the week. Not just on the weekends.

You have to merge with reality and be in the moment. Now that is the opposite of what western culture tells us. All cell phones, television, and most everything else do is distract us from the present moment. It is definitely not easy to be engrossed in the moment but there are ways to learn how to live in the moment, and this is where we will find true happiness.

I have recently started meditation for many reason. There are countless benefits to it, but most of all it trains you to merge with reality. It trains you to be happy with your life. I would encourage you to just try meditation. Some ways that you could do this are: Headspace app(IOS, Android), or (meditation session/informational video). These ways are what I have tried and I feel like they are getting me on the right foot to meditation.

True happiness is not conditional it is unconditional.


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