Knowledge is nothing without action

People can often get motivation or kmowledge from an informational video, but how often does that get turned into action and improvement in life. From my experiences, not too often.

You can learn how to play the guitar and the right techniques to do it, but if you never practice and take action than you will never become a better guitarist.

A great example that is motivational videos, yes they will give you a spurt of motivation but over the long run they don’t help at all because people, most often, you don’t commit in the long run.

You could have all the knowledge in the world but if you don’t know any critical thinking skills than you will never discover and create any theories about things to come. You will be stuck in the past with nothing to discover.

Overall, you just need to know that taking action will lead to results and success, but learning something and not doing anything about it will get you nowhere.


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