Simplifying your inbox

All too often our emails get full and we get stuck constantly checking them and feeling overwhelmed at the fact that we have so many to go through. I am going to give you some tips to clear your inbox.

1. Don’t check emails constantly

Checking emails can be seen as a distractions. It can be used to procrastinate other tasks, and to be antisocial. So it is better to check emails at a designated time(see #2)

2. Set a designated time

It can help to set a designated time each day or each week to check your emails. For example, you can set aside a half an hour after dinner or before you go to bed to clean out your inbox and reply to all necessary emails.

3. Have only 1 folder

You should only have an archive folder. Any emails may want to refer back to(even though you probably won’t) go in the archive folder and the rest are trashed. Any conversations should be archived and also interesting articles should be archived.

4. Have an empty inbox

Trash or archive all your emails so that have 0 emails in your inbox and you can clear your inbox every time you sit down to check emails.

5. Junk? 

Trash immediately.

6. Don’t wait to respond.

In your designated time, respond to all emails in your inbox.

Here are a couple ways to simplify your inbox.



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