Commuting by bike

Recently I started riding my bike to school and it has been amazing. I would definitely recommend it. It gives you a boost of energy and also happiness throughout your day.

I have started commuting to school by bike recently, it is about 3 miles and I ride it in about 20 minutes. It takes me about the same amount of time as by car because of traffic in the morning.

Reasons and tips

1. It makes you feel alive

You get a boost of energy and happiness by commuting to work. It is a jump start to your day.

2. Any bike will do

You don’t need an expensive cycling bike to commute to work. I ride my grandpa’s old bike and it works great.  It has a very comfortable seat which is great and it rides up hills nicely. It is just a road bike. It doesn’t need to have super skinny wheels you just need to have a functioning bicycle.

3. Be safe

It is very nerve-wracking crossing busy streets at the time that every one is going to work. I would advise crossing at stoplights and making sure that all the drivers see you.

4. Plan Ahead

You might need to bring a towel or a change a clothes because you will sweat a lot on your ride. Especially if your are wearing something on your back, my back is usually soaked. Planning ahead is critical to looking nice at work and not looking like you just don’t take showers, because you might also stink.

5. It’s a blast

This is one of the best decisions that I have made this year. It has many benefits. You won’t regret it.

6. It saves you money

You will save gas by riding to work. A lot of gas is used especially in rush hour so you might have a little extra money on your hands. 

7. It is good for the environment.

It doesn’t use gas so your form of fuel is food. You won’t be polluting the air.(Unless your exhaust is in the form of farts!) No carbon emissions = cleaner air.

Riding a bike is very beneficial to you and the environment.



4 thoughts on “Commuting by bike”

  1. Very interesting read. Some very good points you have made. Now I enjoy walking I know it takes a little longer but I don’t sweat as much. Good post and very insightful into the benefits of riding a bike to work/school.

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