10 apps of mass distraction

Phones are the biggest distractions in the modern age. People are constantly looking down into them and not experiencing reality around them. Here are a list of apps that ruin productivity.

1. Messaging

Why don’t you talk to the people around you or go and hang out with your friends. The messaging app can be used for good purposes to communicate with people but it is being widely overused, to have conversation where people are literally reading paragraphs. Why don’t you call someone or talk to them in person.

2. Twitter

Scrolling through your twitter feed is just a waste of time.


You don’t need to answer every email within a minutes time.


We should talk to people.

5. Instagram

Live in the moment, you don’t have to take a picture of everything.

6. Snapchat

7.Pokemon Go




10. WordPress


I know that some of these apps could be used for productivity but the majority of people are on these apps more than they should be.

So I would encourage you to notice the amount of time you and people around you spend on your cell phones and just think about how it benefits and harms life and just rethink the amount of time you spend on it.


7 thoughts on “10 apps of mass distraction”

  1. Great Blog! I opened Facebook to communicate and share pictures with my fathers family. The live in other states, and I haven’t seen some of the for years. Well it morphed and I found myself on Facebook probably 2 hrs. a day. I had to back up and take a closer look at what I was doing. I still have the account to keep up with family but I now limit myself to 15 minutes or less a day.


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