It’s the journey not the destination that counts.

Are you looking forward to something at this moment? Do you sometimes dream about how your life would be if you accomplished one of your goals? If you said yes to one of these questions than you aren’t enjoying the journey. Another way to put it is, You aren’t living in the moment. You are focusing on the destination and it is making you unhappy.

Why does focusing on the destination make people unhappy? It makes people unhappy because they are always thinking about what life could be if certain things are true and they aren’t happy with the circumstances around them. They are conditionally not unconditionally happy.

Unconditional happiness is being happy with the journey. Being happy with everything that is going on right now, not something that happened or might happen. Joy can be found in everything around us. There are so many sights, sounds, tastes, smells to enjoy in the present moment. Happiness is within, it is realizing that everything around us is great and that we aren’t meant to be unhappy.

In the western culture everyone is living for a burst of happiness. We are all living for that next rush of dopamine. We don’t know what true happiness is because we have never been truly happy. We don’t know what living in the moment is.

If you don’t know yet, people in the eastern world are miles ahead of us in happiness. Buddhism is more of a philosophy than a religion. It is the philosophy that practicing meditation will make you truly happy in life. Meditation is the practice of living in the moment and enjoying the journey not the destination. They are literally the happiest people in the world because they know to live in the moment unlike the majority of westerners.

So how do you enjoy the journey, just start with noticing what is going on around you and how everyone seems to be in some fantasy world all the time. If you want to get serious about happiness than I would definitely recommend taking up meditation. There are so many things on the internet about it. Just starting with 10 minutes a day can be beneficial. Work your way up to a longer meditation sessions and a happier life. Learn to find joy in the journey not in the destination.


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