Purposeful Living

Sometimes our day to day lives have no purpose, we are just running around accomplishing the things that pop into our mind. Often, we don’t get the things done that we intend to. To solve this problem we need to write down 3 MIT’s for the day. M.I.T’s in this case, stands for: “Most Important Things/Tasks”.

When writing your MIT’s, think about your goals. Try to write at least 1 MIT related to your goals, long term or short term.

These MIT’s should be the first things you get done throughout your day. Try to get them done in the morning or as soon as you get home from your work. For example, my 3 MIT’s for today are:

  1. Write a Blog post
  2. Make a Golf practice plan
  3. Take notes on self improvement

I am writing this post in the morning before I go to school, I am completing my first MIT now, so that I can focus on the other 2 after school.

MIT’s help you accomplish important tasks throughout the day, which will leave room for the smaller things later in the day. This relates to an older post of mine on time management. Putting the larger rocks(tasks) in the jar before you put the smaller rocks. So that you have time for the large and small tasks, not just the small tasks.

After you complete your 3 MIT’s for the day, you can start cranking your to-do list out.

Structuring your day with this process/idea will add purpose to your day and help you achieve the larger tasks that you haven’t had a chance to get to.


6 thoughts on “Purposeful Living”

    1. That would work also. It would help to make sure you get your work MIT’s done at work first thing to make sure you have time for your personal MIT’s later in the day. If you haven’t read my time management process post, that would relate so that you have time


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