30-10 to stop procrastination

Putting something off just leads to more stress and problems in the future. To get things done we need to just do the task at hand. Here is a way to stop procrastinating

  • To stop procrastination it is very helpful to have a clean working space. Try to create a space without anything in it, except for whatever you are working on.
  • It also helps to silence your phone and put it out of reach, or in a bag. Phones are the biggest distractions of all, so this will help out tremendously

The 30-10 rule

To start getting more things done try the 30-10 rule. Set a timer on your phone  for 30 minutes, and don’t check it until the time is up.

Once you set a 30 minute timer, just completely focus on what you need to get done. That is the only thing you can focus on.

When the timer rings, you can set another time for 10 minutes, and this time is for everything else that you might have wanted to get done during the 30 minutes but you couldn’t. It could be used for checking emails, texting someone back, or whatever distraction might come up. Just do whatever you enjoy on your phone, the computer etc.

Variation 1: Slightly more strict then the main version.

During the 30 minutes of hard work you must not get off task. If you do, then add 5 minutes to the timer. Keep on adding 5 minutes for every time you find yourself checking emails, texting etc.

You might even want to try adding 10-15 minutes for every time you find your mind wandering off task.

Variation 2: A most strict version of this rule is this.

During the 30 minute timer you must not procrastinate once, if you find yourself distracted and doing something else, then reset the timer back to 30 minutes and keep going.

This variation will unsure that you will not get off task.

Key points: The key to performing this successfully is to resist all temptations and urges that arise, telling you to check emails, social media etc.

Stopping distractions and procrastination is not easy, but this is another way to stop the habits and live a more productive, successful life.


2 thoughts on “30-10 to stop procrastination”

    1. Thank you for the recommendations, I just checked them both out. I am going to try the pomodoro technique right now. It looks like it will work well, as long as you effectively eliminate all distractions. I couldn’t get the app though, because I have an android phone.


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