Why and why not to Blog

Only 35% of bloggers on the internet have written a blog post in the last year. Most people don’t blog consistently, because it is hard to make blogging a habit. Blogging can be the greatest decision you’ve ever made, but you can also lose interest in blogging if you are writing for the wrong reasons. So how do you make blogging a daily, weekly or even monthly habit. Below are a list of reasons to blog and reasons not to blog.

Reason why TO blog

1. To remember all your thoughts and ideas

The reason I started my blog was because I had so many ideas and thoughts that I just wanted to write down. Now I can go back to older posts and remember some important lessons that I have learned. I sometimes see my website as a personal journal that other people can read.

2.Help others

A great benefit of blogging is that I can help the lives of other people.  I said in one of my earliest posts that I am blogging to write down my ideas hoping that other people will also benefit from them.

3. Become a better writer

Blogging will improve you writing and communication skills tremendously. I have learned to use more precise words so that my writing isn’t as general, and I feel like my posts have become elaborate and inspiring. There are countless benefits of becoming a better writer, but you should just blog because you love writing. Or maybe you aren’t such great of writer but you enjoy telling your story and improving everyday.

4. You’ll meet new people

If you blog consistently people will start to comment and follow your blog. You can talk to some great people while blogging. I have yet to receive a mean comment because people in the blogging community are so nice and supporting. Other bloggers have also given me constructive criticism which I enjoy. People will send you emails, comments, and much more through your blog, in which you can communicate with them. You will meet bloggers with the same ideas and interests and you in which you can have conversations with.

5.  You’ll live a more meaningful, intentional life.

Blogging about ideas has helped me to shape the way I live and the way I think. When you talk about a habit you are creating, you can hold yourself accountable to your blogging community and not let your blogging community down.

Reason why NOT TO blog.

1. Make money

So many people start blogging to make money and then quickly lose motivation. Making money on a blog is a long process and shouldn’t be the reason you are blogging. This is just an extra benefit from blogging down the road.

2. Becoming internet famous

If you just want to gain a lot of views and a lot of followers then you probably won’t continue blogging for that long. Remember that not all views are good views. You don’t want to advertise too much. Optimally you should seek people who blog about the same ideas and relate to the same niche. The goal isn’t to become famous it is to put your story out their, or share your ideas in hope of inspiring other people.


Blogging has become popular and easier to use throughout the history of the internet. Now you can set up a blog for free, such as on wordpress.com, which I am blogging on right now. Then if you enjoy it and feel like you can blog long term, you can buy your own domain and customize you website even more. Blogging is one of the best hobbies I have gotten into and I think I could grow it into more than just a hobby if I keep going with it.

I encourage you to start a free blog right now and just try it out. See if you like it and if it is something that you are interested in. If you want, send me an email through my contact page about your blog, or just write a comment below for everyone to see and I will be sure to check it out your newly created blog!


10 thoughts on “Why and why not to Blog”

  1. I also started blogging because I had so many ideas that I just had to put them somewhere. I am trying to make it a habit and I think I’m doing a better job. When I start writting it’s the best thing in the world..getting to sit down and start in the first place is the problem
    Very nice post, you are becoming one of my favorite bloggers 🙂

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    1. I’m glad that others started for the same reason as me. Great job at working to make blogging a habit, because it won’t come right away. If you just keep finding motivation(new post today at 10:30) then the habit of blogging will become easier and easier . Everything about blogging becomes easier the more you do it. Also, thanks for the amazing compliment. I really do appreciate it.

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