Find constant motivation

Your life needs purpose. If you don’t have a purpose for your actions, then you will probably end up doing what is the easiest and not what is the best for you. To find constant motivation, we need to ask ourselves

“Why do we do, what we do?” Do we do it because it is easy, and if feels good? Or are we taking actions on our goals and doing what is best for our future?

If we find a real purpose for our actions, than we can change our habits for the better. For example, I recently asked myself “Why do I blog?” I thought about it for a while, and came up with the answer, “I blog to change the world for the better.”, but on a smaller scale it translates to this “I want to improve the lives of my readers and make them think about certain topics in a new perspective.” You need to find these deeper reasons to keep you motivated.

If I were to come to the conclusion that I blog because it is fun and because it is cool, then I would lose the habit of writing in times of hardship. If you have a real reason for your actions that is greater than yourself, you will receive a constant stream of motivation and inspiration.

If you can’t find a good reason for an action, then maybe you should rethink and reshape your life in the right direction.

I encourage you to ask yourself this question and change you habits based on the answer. Constantly remind yourself of the reason for your actions. If you don’t have a good reason and you still want to pursue that hobby, task etc., than go to the internet and find a great reason for your actions.

Make the reason memorable and keep it in plain sight so that you can constantly be reminded of it.


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