Benefits of meditation

Meditation helps every aspect of life, and the benefits are amazing.  There are tons of benefits recently proven by science. So here are a few.

1. Focus

Develop the ability to put all your attention on a single sensation/thing. There are hundreds if not thousands of sensations happening to us and around us at the present moment. Developing focus allows us to put our attention on a single sensation and filter out all the others, without getting distracted. Focus directly relates to success.

2. Equanimity: Emotional Control

By developing emotional control or equanimity, we can have a much better outlook on life. We can train our minds to not get mad and react to a situation instantly, but instead we can just sit back and observe our emotions and mood. When you develop equanimity, you will become a much more likable person. People will see you as someone who is happy and doesn’t have much hatred towards others. This can also help with relationships.

3. Unconditional Happiness

I have talked about this topic in depth in a previous blog here. But basically, you can be happy no matter what happens to you in your life. You won’t feel the need to satisfy a condition to be happy(such as, I will be happy IF I can get fit, I will be happy WHEN  I buy this new car) you can just always be happy with your life.

4. Overcome any negative habits/addictions. AKA: Unhook from all stimulation

This is a very powerful benefit. You can train your mind to not need any stimulation, be it from food, drugs, phone, etc. You can create all new habits and become a better person in every aspect of life. It teaches you to build a strong mental willpower.

5. Productivity and creativity

Meditation trains your mind to be more creative. When you have a focused mind you can eliminate all the distractions and this can foster creativity and productivity.

6. Loss of ego and pettiness

With meditation you don’t have to do things in your life because your ego tells you to. You can lose your ego completely and create whatever life you would like to live.  You can lose all the bad thoughts you have about yourself and create new thoughts from scratch.

7. Attain fulfillment

You can feel success and succeed in life. You can reach complete fulfillment in life and be completely content.

8. Sensory clarity

Sensory clarity is how clear you are based on the raw sensory data perceived by your mind. We think that we are aware of what’s going on around us, but meditation shows that that we aren’t nearly aware as we can be. You notice that you aren’t truly experiencing reality. Analogy: Sensory clarity is “clearing the lens of our minds.”.


9 thoughts on “Benefits of meditation”

  1. Hello Ethan the whole ego thing I totally agree on buddy. It will bring you nothing but pain and force you to turn down opportunities that could elevate what you can do. This is an amazing piece and i meditate for every reason and to make sure that my brain stays clear and focused on what I want.


    1. Thank you for elaborating on that benefit. That is a great way to state it. That we turn down opportunities because of ego. Meditation has countless benefits and it sounds like you have already seen some of them.
      Thanks again for the feedback and for reblogging this post.

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  2. I’ve been trying to make meditation a consistent habit for the past few years and so far #2 has been the benefit that has amazed me the most. Even while I still struggle with meditation, it surprises me just how much less reactive I am to the negative events in my life. Sometimes meditation really seems like magic (very difficult magic).


  3. nice list there ethan…one more benefit i want to mention is-
    Improved sleep quality – Meditation has really improved quality of my sleep, i had issues with my sleep pattern and when i start to do pranayama’s regularly i get sound sleep like a baby and i can now sleep whenever i wants to..


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