Stop looking forward to things and start being happy

Do you often find yourself thinking about how life could be in the future? Do you lose track of the present moment in thought of a utopia future? Always looking forward to something in life takes us away from the present moment and causes us to lose focus and live in the future. If you haven’t read any of my previous posts, these effects don’t help you in any way. 

The young kid dreams about what it would be like to be a teenager, then once he becomes a teenager he dreams of what it would be like to be in college, or out of college for that matter, the teenager/college student looks forward to becoming an adult and living on his/her own, the adult looks forward to being married, having kids and settling down, the married man or women looks forward to retirement. The retiree looks forward to the next vacation/material possession they would like to own.  The list goes on and on.

The point of the last paragraph was to show you that you will never feel satisfied with your life. You will always be looking forward to something in the future, unless you change your thinking. Unless your realize that life is too short to be looking forward to things. Life should be lived in day tight compartments.

We need to realize that when we look forward to things, we are just thinking of a utopia that will never happen. The only thing that happens is the present. Change is the only constant. Much happiness can be attained through living in the moment and catching ourselves every time we go into lala land about some utopian universe that will never happen.

If you have any thoughts about this post or any experiences that relate to this post please comment, I would love to hear about the things you have to say. It strengthens my understanding of these topic and it will also strengthen your understanding.


4 thoughts on “Stop looking forward to things and start being happy”

  1. I couldn’t agree anymore with this. We often look forward to things in the future thinking how much better they could be. As a result, we miss out on things that are happening in the here and now. Great post!!


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