Handling failure.

For many of us, failure brings dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Failure is seen as a bad thing, but why not look at failure as a good thing. Learn from it and never make the mistake again. Nothing good comes from getting down on yourself about it.

One thing I have noticed is that failure causes us to be pulled from living in the moment and transition to living in the past. To live in the moment we must first teach ourselves to learn from failure and move on with our lives. Just about everything that I write about in my blog rrelates one way or another. Unhappiness is caused by living in the past, living in the past is caused by dealing with failure the wrong way. So if we can stop the start of the chain that I just described, then we can create more happiness our lives. This is a first step you can take to live in the moment for often.

Replaying an event in the past that went wrong, over and over and over again. Thinking of different things we could have done that would’ve caused a different better outcome. We have all done it. We know that we can’t change the past but for some reason we can’t stop thinking about our failures. Somehow we think that we can change our outlook on the situation, but that never happens.

We have all been in this situation before, and many of us know that it causes us to be sad, unhappy and dissatisfied with our lives.  So how do we change this habit. We need to think about the lesson that can be learned. Remember it. Then move on. I know it can be hard to move on, but it’s possible. We need to just keep putting it out of our minds and focusing on the moment. When you get home, try to meditate and just notice all the sights, sounds, smells going on around you at the present moment.

Yesterday I had high school golf practice. Once the practice was finished me and my friend went to practice on the putting green a little more. We were taking it seriously and having fun. Then we started just mesing around a little bit. When we left our coach mentioned something about it, but I didn’t think that he cared much. My friend drove me home that day, and when we were in the car he brought up something about the incident. He stated “Do you think coach was mad?” I said “No, not really.” We ended up thinking about the situation the entire way home and just rerunning the situation again and again in our minds. It was causing unhappiness. Doing so didn’t cause any benefits, and nothing good came from it. Instead we could have just said, “Now we know not to mess around after practice” and be done with that conversation.

The best thing to do is learn and forget. Change the way people think about you by doing the right thing next time, instead of making the same mistake. We cause ourselves stress because of this habit, and with enough mindfulness we can change our habit and our lives for the better.


2 thoughts on “Handling failure.”

    1. Meditation is my favorite means of living in the moment, but I have also written a post earlier about eliminating distractions. When you eliminate distractions, it becomes easier to focus on the task at hand and live in the moment.

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