The only logical pursuit is happiness

If you look around, everyone is searching for something. Everyone wants more and is not content with the lives they are living. Nearly everyone is unhappy with the majority of their life. They might find happiness briefly, but in the long term they/we are always in the pursuit of happiness.

We always search for happiness, but are we searching in the right place? Are we walking in the right direction? I don’t believe we are. I can write all I want about happiness and ideas about what creates happiness, but unless I change your actions or even my own for that matter, I will never make you happy. Thinking is good, but actions are better. Actions speak for themselves. We need to think about the right actions to take, and then just take them.

First off, lets bust the myth that “Happiness can be reached by external processes or material possessions.” Happiness is 100% internal. Anything that you think of that is external will never give you complete fulfillment in life. Here are some examples, material possessions can’t bring you happiness. A new car, house, phone, book, gadget, etc. Now there are also less talked about things that don’t create real happiness. For example, success, productivity, retirement, food, a minimalist lifestyle. Now yes I might seem like a hypocrite right now, when I say that a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t create happiness, but I saying that “A minimalist lifestyle can reduce the distractions and change the environment to cultivate productivity and success, but you still have to fine mental happiness”.

Some activities and hobbies that you pursue might give you a dopamine rush, or give you some form of happiness, but that doesn’t last forever. That peak of happiness will ware off soon after you are done with your hobby. Nothing lasts forever. You have to constantly search for more happiness through stimulation, and habits.

The bigger question is “What kind of happiness are we really searching for?” It doesn’t seem like we are searching for the kind that lasts forever. We are searching for alternatives. We believe that they will last forever, until they don’t. Then we look for something else(another external stimulation) that, we believe will make us happy forever. We never find that happiness that lasts forever, leaving us on this treadmill/cycle of continuous purchases, and dopamine rushes that give a high, then ware off. We are living on a happiness roller coaster. Happy to depressed to happy to unhappy to happy to mad to happy to angry. On and on, forever as we live our lives.

What actions can I take to gradually and exponentially reach continuous happiness?

Lifestyle minimalism will help. I recently watched video “here“by Leo Gura on youtube about lifestyle minimalism. It didn’t say any tips about minimalizing your possessions, but instead it explained how to minimalize your life. We need to value fulfillment and unconditional happiness over productivity and success. Overall, productivity and success don’t directly relate to happiness. We need to value free time in our life to unhook from stimulation and calm down our busy lives. We need to do half the things in our schedule for 1.5x as long. We need to create free time to think and practice meditation or the art of being all of reality. Pursuing meditation can generate exponential amounts of continuous happiness in the long run, if we continue meditating for years and years to come. This may seem like a lot of time but in reality, it is creating more happiness than all your other habits, shopping, success and productivity combined.



One thought on “The only logical pursuit is happiness”

  1. Ethan, you would probably like a book called “The Art of Stillness” by Pico Iyer if you haven’t read it yet, check it out I just discovered this book 2 weeks ago. I agree with your post, thanks for checking out my blog as well.

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