How I have increased my happiness and how you can do the same

I have increased my happiness through a very simple process. This process helps me relax and create change in my life. Over time I hope to increase my happiness even more, exponentially more and never revert back to old level of depression and unhappiness. I have been increasing my happiness through one process, and this process is: THINKING.

With the help of this blog, I have given myself time to think about my life and about how I want to change it for the better.

Process steps

1.Think about your life and the actions you are taking.

Simply write down how you live your day to day life.

Questions to ask: What actions are you taking in your life? How are you living your day to day life? What is your routine?

2. Reflect on your life.

There are various forms of reflections such as blogging(my favorite), creating a reflection journal, vlogging/youtube, simply typing it out on word. If you are reflecting in your mind(without writing it down), that is good because at least you’re putting in the effort to reflect, but it is 100x better to write it down so you can look back on it and remember it.

Questions to ask: Do my habits align with my goals? Am I happy with the way I am living my life? Am I too comfortable with my routine, and is it creating a robotic lifestyle? What habits to I want to change for the better? What steps can I take to change my habits? Why do I do what I do? Is it to look cool, or is it because it is right for me? Are my actions based on what other people think or what I think?

3.Make a plan

Look back on your reflections and make a plan to achieve the new habits and goals that you wrote down. One method of doing this is to make 2 columns. On the left write down all the habits that you want to change. On the right hand side, write down a list of first steps/actions for each goal to make it easy to start with your habit change.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to change all of your habits at once because then you are giving yourself a higher risk for failure. You could try to change one habit a month.

4.Take action

The fourth and final step, and also the hardest step. TAKE ACTION. Taking action is what creates the results. This is a very straightforward step so there isn’t much explaining needed.

Doing this has increased my happiness because now I know that I am doing the right things, and heading in the right direction. I am confident that I am taking the right steps towards a happier more fulfilled life, and so can you by practicing this process.

I started this practice without even knowing I was doing it, with the creation of my blog. I new that I would reflect on my life, but I never would’ve thought of the happiness and benefits I could achieve through blogging.



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