Interpreting the 10,000 hour rule.

Many researcher have found out the most athletes, musicians, performers etc. reach the top 1% in their field after around 10,000 hour of practice. How did they come up with this number, I don’t know but it seems ridiculous. Here is why.

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Swinging with intention

How do we swing the golf club? How are we taught to swing it? Could there be a way to swing the club that intentionally adds distance and accuracy with just a little bit of practice. I am setting out to learn to swing the club with intention. So that I can add distance and accuracy and hopefully become a scratch golfer.

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Internal vs. External focus(Golf)

Knowing the difference between internal and external focus in golf is the difference between being in the zone and only hitting a good shot every once in a while. Internal and external focus both help our golf game, but one of them gets used way more than it should be.

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The true meaning of Golf

Many times when we are out on the course we get mad at ourselves and angry that we can’t hit the shots we would like. We get so caught up in technique and having the perfect golf swing that we forget why we are playing the game in the first place. Golf is about much more than a score. Continue reading The true meaning of Golf


How to handle failure(especially in sports)

Some people see failure in the wrong way. First of all, everyone fails at something in their life. No one does everything perfect and succeeds at everything. So no matter what you will encounter failure, even if you don’t try anything new. But how should you handle this failure.

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Golf improvement is a marathon not a sprint.

Do you feel like you found the secret to swinging better one day, than the next you fall apart. This is because everyone is just trying to find the one secret that will make them a great golfer. This is not the case though. There is no secret, no matter how many articles you read and how many new ideas you try. There are just fundamentals.

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Quality vs. Quantity in practice

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes shoot better when you don’t practice as much. It is probably because you are doing more quantity practice than quality practice. Some people may have heard of the 10,000 hour rule, but if all those hours are mindless hours to get to a quantity than you won’t get as good as fast as you can.

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