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Conditional vs. Unconditional Happiness

The difference between conditional and unconditional is that in conditional happiness you need to satisfy a condition to be happy which means you will often tell yourself that “I can be happy IF” the IF is the definition of conditional happiness. Unconditional happiness is all about being happy no matter what is going on in your life. Ultimately everyone should strive to achieve unconditional happiness.

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Don’t wait until Friday to be happy.

Everyone is always sad and gloomy when it is Monday, and happy on Fridays, why should this be the case? Should we just waste 4 or 5 days of every week, just waiting for the weekend. We need to enjoy Mondays just as much as we enjoy Fridays.

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How do you define a minimalist.

There are many false definitions of a minimalist. A minimalist is not something with only 100 things. A minimalist doesn’t always live in a small house. They don’t not buy anything they want. They don’t have to be single. They don’t have to not have kids. I minimalist is a broad definition of a person that own only the essentials in their life. Continue reading How do you define a minimalist.