Benefits of meditation

Meditation helps every aspect of life, and the benefits are amazing.  There are tons of benefits recently proven by science. So here are a few.

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Simple guide to Meditation

The act of meditating is simply sitting down and being aware of the present moment. It is not getting caught up in the stories of our lives and simply sitting back and watching our thoughts as they pass by. Meditating quiets the mind, but not in the way that you would think. Meditation doesn’t involve sitting and thinking about nothing, but merely watching everything LIVE as it happens.

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Why and why not to Blog

Only 35% of bloggers on the internet have written a blog post in the last year. Most people don’t blog consistently, because it is hard to make blogging a habit. Blogging can be the greatest decision you’ve ever made, but you can also lose interest in blogging if you are writing for the wrong reasons. So how do you make blogging a daily, weekly or even monthly habit. Below are a list of reasons to blog and reasons not to blog.

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Purposeful Living

Sometimes our day to day lives have no purpose, we are just running around accomplishing the things that pop into our mind. Often, we don’t get the things done that we intend to. To solve this problem we need to write down 3 MIT’s for the day. M.I.T’s in this case, stands for: “Most Important Things/Tasks”.

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