As of October 28th 2016 this website has officially moved to I will be remodeling my new website, with a new theme and some plugins to make the whole “blogging experience” better. I hope you enjoy my new site as much as you enjoyed this one.




Why and why not to Blog

Only 35% of bloggers on the internet have written a blog post in the last year. Most people don’t blog consistently, because it is hard to make blogging a habit. Blogging can be the greatest decision you’ve ever made, but you can also lose interest in blogging if you are writing for the wrong reasons. So how do you make blogging a daily, weekly or even monthly habit. Below are a list of reasons to blog and reasons not to blog.

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How to start a blog

Recently I started I blog. I made this blog for free through wordpress and so far it is working out great. I am not expecting to make money from it yet. I just want to write down all my thoughts and hope that people can gain value from them. If you want to know what I am doing to get more viewers per month read on.

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