Handling failure.

For many of us, failure brings dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Failure is seen as a bad thing, but why not look at failure as a good thing. Learn from it and never make the mistake again. Nothing good comes from getting down on yourself about it.

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Stop looking forward to things and start being happy

Do you often find yourself thinking about how life could be in the future? Do you lose track of the present moment in thought of a utopia future? Always looking forward to something in life takes us away from the present moment and causes us to lose focus and live in the future. If you haven’t read any of my previous posts, these effects don’t help you in any way.  Continue reading Stop looking forward to things and start being happy

Monitor impulses/urges to stop them.

Impulses cause people to make bad decisions. People react to their impulses and rarely watch them. The action of reacting to impulses causes addiction. Impulses are the road to bad decisions and addiction.

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