Begin with the end in mind

Do you live with the end(death) in mind, or do you live as if life lasts forever? Believe it or not, life doesn’t last forever, but for some reason many of us seem to live life as if it does. Lucky for you there is a solution, as there is to every other problem. We can change our habits, and the outlook we have on day to day living to accomplish more and live with a happier attitude.

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Benefits of meditation

Meditation helps every aspect of life, and the benefits are amazing.  There are tons of benefits recently proven by science. So here are a few.

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What is Success?

How do you define success? Are some people more successful than other? Sometimes our perception of success is wrong. We don’t really know what true success is. We might think of it as living the american dream or making a lot of money at work, but their is a way to find real success.

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